1. Will the Rio beach cleaning machine pick up cigarette butts and small debris?

YES. This is one of the most common tasks for the machine. Hundreds of tines mounted in offset rows rake through the sand each second capturing the small debris such as cigarette butts and broken glass.

2. Does the beach cleaning machine need modification to work in wet sand? 
NO. The Rio beach cleaning machine has been designed to work well in both wet and dry sand. The machine does not need any modification to go from dry sand cleaning to wet sand work.

3. Is the Rio beach cleaning machine effective in removing seaweed?
YES. The Rio beach cleaning machine is the most effective beach cleaner in removing seaweed. Our tine raking method of cleaning is ideally suited for this type of debris

4. Does the Rio beach cleaning machine dig down into the sand?
YES. The beach cleaning machine has 4 offset rows of tines working in the sand at all times. The tines clean to a consistent depth over the full width of the conveyor. This action actually pulls debris to the surface of the sand for removal by the tines.

5. Do hidden or submerged objects damage the beach cleaning machine?

NO. The machine rides over hidden or submerged objects. The beach cleaning machine does not employ a buried cutting edge like those found on some other machines.

6. Can the operator be harmed if the machine encounters hidden or submerged objects?

NO. As the machine rides over hidden or submerged objects, the operator will not experience any quick stop or lunge of the machine.

7. Can I choose the machine color?
YES. Rio will match any color at no charge.

8. Does the surface being cleaned need to be flat in order to get an even cleaning?
NO. The Rio beach cleaning machine will level the beach as it cleans allowing for an even cleaning every time.

9. Is the Rio beach cleaner friendly to the environment?
YES. The Rio beach cleaner is the least intrusive method of beach cleaning: lifting only unwanted debris from the sand rather than all of the sand in order to clean, the beach cleaner has very low ground pressure, and the optional finisher removes all tire marks as it operates.

10. Can the Rio beach cleaner only be towed by a tractor?
NO. Many other machines have been used to tow the beach cleaner. Contact the factory for individual advice.

11. Can the Rio beach cleaner make tight turns?
YES. The hydraulic drive system allows very tight turns. The turning radius of the beach cleaner matches that of its towing unit. Most tractors have a narrow turning radius.

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