RIO Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Huanglou Town Industrial Park, Qingzhou City, close to Jinan-Qingdao Expressway and Dongqing Expressway, and only 15 minutes' drive from Qingzhou Railway Station. The geographical location is superior. RIO Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. introduces advanced technology from Germany. It is a company focusing on R&D, design, production and sales of beach cleaning equipment. RIO Beach Cleaner can be used on various dry and wet beaches, it can clean up floating objects in shallow beaches, and it can remove lumpy and flaky objects (such as bottle caps, stones, seagrass, plastic bags, cigarette butts, broken glass, wooden sticks, etc.), as well as seaweed and other pollutants floating on the beach from the sea. Our company can provide the best treatment plan and training plan according to the actual situation of customers' beaches, constantly innovate and find the best coastal beach treatment plan, and provide the best quality and applicable beach cleaning equipment as much as possible. The company provides high-quality and fast barren beach cleaning construction, beach cleaning construction, and beach landscape construction for municipal seaside beaches, newly completed seaside hotels, seaside resorts, seaside resorts, private villa beaches, beach volleyball courts, golf courses and other beaches And year-round beach maintenance and cleaning services. Relying on strong technical strength, high-quality products and high-quality services, RIO Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. has been widely recognized by customers. The products have been sold to more than 30 provinces, cities and autonomous regions across the country, as well as Southeast Asia, South Asia, South America, Oceania and Africa. Dozens of countries and regions. RIO company is based in China and looks at the world, and is committed to building a world-renowned brand of beach cleaning equipment.


  Model LD-1800

Capacity Screen Surface

+3.96 ㎡

Operating Cleaning Width


Cleaning Depth 



Tractor Driving Style



Cleaning Type 

Options: Sand Roller/Rotary Tiller

Size of Tires 

26*12.00-12      Options:31*15.50-15I-3

Net Weight


Unloading Height 


Hopper capacity 








Min. Power 


Paint Customization

Max. Cleaning Capacity                 

20000 ㎡/h

Options Auto Hydraulic Finisher/Auxiliary Front Wheel/Galvanized Steel

Cleaning efficiency depends on tractor performance and beach conditions, the data are optimum performance for reference only.

Main features:
Efficient cleaning ability: LD-1800 series can effectively clean and collect garbage and waste of various sizes, including broken glass, plastic, cigarette butts, straws, shells, stones, fallen leaves, seaweed, wood chips, etc. The beach cleaner adopts a crawler-type screen design, which increases the sieving area and can filter garbage more efficiently. It can separate garbage and pollutants from the sand to ensure that the cleaned beach surface remains clean and tidy.
Large-capacity garbage storage: The machine is designed with a large garbage storage capacity, which reduces frequent dumping and interruptions during the cleaning process and improves cleaning efficiency. The garbage bucket can be raised and lowered by hydraulic control, and can be poured directly into the garbage transport vehicle, eliminating the need for secondary manual operations.
Diversified model selection: There are models with various working widths to choose from, which can cover a wide beach area and quickly and efficiently clean a large area of beach area. Support color customization, so that the beach cleaner can better adapt to the application scene. We provide a variety of screen mesh specifications, and customers can choose the screen aperture according to their own beach conditions.
Durable and reliable structure: It adopts strong and durable steel plate material, scientific and reasonable structural design, can cope with uneven terrain and various obstacles on the beach, and ensure stable work for a long time. The surface of the machine is sprayed with salt-resistant and anti-corrosion paint, which effectively improves the service life of the machine.

Easy to operate: The machine adopts five groups of hydraulic controls, which respectively control the steering of the sand board, the vibration and steering of the screen, and the lifting and opening of the garbage bucket. The operating lever can be installed on the tractor, so that it can be operated without getting off the tractor, making the beach cleaning work more efficient. Optional hydraulic trimming board, one-button operation, covering tire marks, making the beach more smooth and clean after cleaning.


Application Scenarios:

The large towed beach cleaner is suitable for all kinds of beach environments, including beach resorts, coastal cities, coastal nature reserves, etc. They are ideal equipment for keeping beaches clean and attractive to tourists, capable of quickly and efficiently cleaning large areas of beach, providing a clean and beautiful beach environment.



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